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I have a great workflow down!  I am able to balance the time with my family and my regular weekday job.  

After spending time with you, your family and/or loved ones, I am eager to get home and get them ready for you!   Here is how it works:

For Senior photo sessions, the following steps can be completed in as little as 4-5 hours.  For weddings and large events, it may take as long as 30 hours of editing time.  

1.  All photos are unloaded onto my computer in NEF (RAW) format.    Only my editing software has a need for these original files, and they are not of any use to customers.    

2.  All photos are loaded into Adobe Bridge, where I begin reviewing them on my 2 large computer monitors.

3.  Any photos where someone blinks or appears blurry (rare) are discarded.   Thankfully, I shoot multiple frames (11 per second) of each pose so that these errors hardly ever happen.  I also discard multiples of certain poses and keep the best-composed image.   

4.  Photos are edited for proper white balance, cropping, noise reduction, unwanted object reduction, skin tone, blemishes, crazy stray hairs and sharpness.    I also examine the color red and adjust the levels accordingly, because red likes to show up as overexposed in photos.  

5.  A private, online gallery is made of all edited photos, and are checked against the list of photos that you and I have agreed upon.  I want to make sure you are seeing samples from every pose we talked about before the session.  A link to the online gallery will be released by e-mail, which will contain a password to keep your gallery private.   

6.  Social media 'bragging rights' photos are sent within a week of the event.   They are not suitable for printing and will contain a watermark for advertising


7.  Time to order prints!  Within a month of the event, prints of photos are made according to the 'favorite' feature on the online gallery.   Click me for a price list.      

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