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Why choose us for photography?

Your event is all about people and memories.    My wife, Jennfer and I love working together to make your day great.  

Below are some reasons to have us work for you:

1.   A lot of people these days have new cameras that can take good photos.   I shoot on professional Nikon cameras - a D4 and a D800.  I shoot with techniques that professionals are trained in, and I edit your photos in a manner that you can expect from a professional.    Please read about my workflow here.  

2.  I've been a public school teacher for 15 years, as has my wife, Jenn.   We are all about keeping things running smoothly.  Your time is organized - with groups of people comes the potential for mismanaged time, missed pictures and general chaos.   With our shot list and organization, Jenn and I will make sure that your event is organized and on time!  


3.  Jenn and I are fantastic with people.  We have fun on the job, we will make you feel comfortable and you will just love your day with us! 

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